T-mobile, WildTangent to bring 25-cent game rentals to Android devices, harken back to arcade days

Test driving an app isn't entirely unheard of -- Apple introduced its lackluster "Try Before You Buy" system last summer and the Android Market's got a 15-minute return policy. Now T-Mobile's teamed up with mobile gaming outfit WildTangent to bring a novel approach to looking under the hood of gaming apps: rentals. The partnership promises to bring 25 cent game rentals to your phone or tablet (considering you're a T-Mo faithful rocking an Android device), giving you the opportunity to see what a particular game is working with before you commit. The new service also lets users play games for free with advertisements, and applies the cost of rentals to future purchases -- rent-to-own style. So it won't bring the same juvenile thrills as the arcade, but it will let you get your game on at 25 cents a pop. No word yet on when the service will go into effect, so don't go breaking that piggy bank quite yet.