Wi-Fi Sync developer says he was 'fairly shocked' by Apple's similar Wi-Fi Sync feature

Wirelessly syncing a smartphone is hardly a new idea, but the developer of the Wi-Fi Sync app for iOS devices apparently thinks Apple's similar new feature in iOS 5 -- also called Wi-Fi Sync --is just a little too close to his for comfort. As you may recall, Greg Hughes submitted his "Wi-Fi Sync" app to Apple for App Store approval back in May of 2010 and was ultimately rejected, although not before he says he was told that Apple's engineers were "impressed" by his effort -- he then made the app available in the Cydia store, where it's been downloaded more than 50,000 times at $10 a pop. That was apparently working out just fine for him until this week, when he says he was "fairly shocked" to see Apple announce a Wi-Fi Sync feature of its own in iOS 5, complete with a familiar looking icon. Hughes went on to tell The Register that he was "surprised" by the similarities, but he hasn't offered any indication that he plans to push the issue any further.

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