BinCam posts photos of your trash on Facebook, shames you into recycling (video)

We're not sure how comfortable we are with everyone online being able to examine our, as the Brits would say, "rubbish." But our friends across the pond are apparently ok with it, seeing as it's the home of BinCam -- a research project out of Newcastle University that posts pictures of people's trash on Facebook. At the heart of the experiment is an Xperia X10 Mini strapped under the lid of a garbage can that automatically snaps a photo every time it's opened and closed. That image is then uploaded to the BinCam Facebook app, where you're showered with public shame for failing to sort your recyclables or celebrated for not wasting food. And, just in case you think this is all an elaborate joke, check out the BBC report after the break the the study of how it affected student behavior at the source.