New LG P330 laptop has it all: brains, brawn, and beauty

Well, look what we have here. It's the LG P220's big brother, the P330, and, as you can tell, good looks run in the family. Glancing at the spec sheet (after the break) it's pretty clear this guy has been hitting the gym -- there's plenty of muscle inside in the form of an NVIDIA GT 555m. This 13.3-inch laptop isn't just some meathead though, it's got brains to spare thanks to a Sandy Bridge class Core i7. But, that's not all -- it's also a sharp dresser that looks quite fetching in its magnesium and aluminum suit, and just try not to get lost staring into that beautiful IPS screen. We don't know how much you'll have to shell out to spend time with this svelte 3.6-pound beauty, but it should be making the retail rounds this September.

LG P330 Specs