iPhone rides Atlantis into space, where no one can hear its ringtone scream

Smartphones have been going to space for a while now -- well, technically near space in most cases -- but in decidedly DIY ways, including a "shuttle" made out of Styrofoam beer coolers. But the actual Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to complete its final voyage with a pair of space-ready iPhone 4's aboard. After docking with the International Space Station, astronauts use the phones, not to become Foursquare's Mayor of Space, it seems, but to run an app called SpaceLab for iOS. Designed by Houston's Odyssey Space Research, the app contains a number of navigation tools that will test the iPhone cameras and gyroscopes, alongside a self-monitoring experiment that will reveal the effects of radiation on the devices. The Space Shuttle launch is tentatively scheduled for July 8, but in the meantime even earth-bound astro-nots (aww) can pick up the app for $1 by following the source link.