Post-it sized computer does dual HD decoding (video)

We've seen some tinyPCs, but the (deep breath) Habey SOM-6670 E6XX Tunnel Creek QSeven computer module (phew...) has managed to impress even this crew of jaded tech bloggers. The tiny, Post-it sized board carries an embedded E600 series Atom processor which features the GMA600 integrated GPU -- the same HD video decoding core at work in the Boxee Box and Logitech Revue. This little guy is capable of handling not one, but two 1080p videos at once. Don't believe us? check out the video after the break -- then apologize to Habey for doubting them. On the downside, to actually put some ports on this thing and connect it to a display, hard drive, keyboard, and mouse you'll need a carrier board that adds quite a bit of bulk. Don't concern yourself with it too much though, the SOM6670 isn't exactly aimed at consumers. PR after the break.

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Post-It Sized E6XX Atom Computer displaying dual full screen HD video

LOS ANGELES - June 9, 2011

Habey USA has announce the new post-it sized SOM-6670 E6XX Tunnel Creek QSeven computer module, which manages to fit a fair amount in a rather small package. Just 70 x 70mm in size, the module carries the newest Intel Atom E6XX processors (the same found in the HABEY's BIS-6622), ranging in speed of .6GHz to 1.6 GHz with low power consumption of 3.3 – 7 Watts, respectively. The integrated GMA600 graphics is based on a 400 MHz PowerVR SGX mobile GPU (same IP of the iPad2 GPU) with hardware high definition video encoding and decoding capability. Paired with its mini-ITX carrier board, the SOM-6670 with up to 2GB DDR2 on board memory supports six USB 2.0 ports, two gigabit Ethernet, two serial ports, one CAN Bus, two Serial ATA ports, one SD card reader, one mini-PCIe slot and a PCIe x1 slots; scalable for highly-compact, rich I/O embedded applications. The board supports for Windows Embedded Standard 2009/7/POS Ready 2009/CE 6.0 R3, Windows XP SP3/7, Fedora Core 11 Linux*, MeeGo 1.0, QNX Neutrino, Wind River VxWorks

Product Highlight

Netbooks may be disregarded for their lack of horsepower, but what if this not-quite extraordinary computer posted dual display HD video at the size of a post-it? Taking advantage of the new Tunnel Creek Atom's integrated 3D graphics, memory control, and display controllers, The SOM-6670 displays on dual independent screens both HD encoding of MPEG2 and H.264 in addition with hardware-accelerated HD decoding of OpenGL ES2.0, OpenGL 2.1, OpenVG, MPEG-2, H.264, VC-1, WMV. The new Tunnel Creek Atom performs all video encoding/decoding via hardware acceleration with support up to a 1920x1080 external display over VGA as well as 1280x768 through LVDS.

Key Advantages:
- Tiny form factor for space-constrained applications
- New Intel Atom E6xx Tunel Creek Processor 1.0 GHz
- Ultra low power consumption at 3.3 TDP
- Hardware accelerated decoding up to 1080p and encoding of MPEG2, H.264 up to 720p
- Onboard 1GB DDR2 memory
- Supports 3xPCIex1, 1xLPC, 1xSDIO, 2xSATA
- Supports 6xUSB, and 2 Gb Ethernet
- Supports Windows Embedded Standard 2009/7/POS Ready 2009/CE 6.0 R3, Windows XP SP3/7, Fedora Core 11 Linux*, MeeGo 1.0, QNX Neutrino, Wind River VxWorks