KinectShop concept is ready to televise your shopping revolution (video)

Does anybody actually enjoy the laborious process of trying out clothes? The sheer physical effort, the risk of breaking a sweat... it's just not for us. We're much more comfortable with virtual reality fitting rooms, which is where Microsoft's Kinect motion camera has found yet another raison for its etre. Razorfish, the folks who already impressed us with some neat Kinect hacking, now have a new shopping platform that's said to actually wrap clothes around your frame and thereby provide a 3D preview of what you and they would look like together. The current iteration only shows some giddy ladies exploring the wide world of handbags, but they do look suitably impressed with the system. There are also sharing options via QR codes and NFC, plus the obligatory social networking tie-ins. Skip after the break to see the KinectShop on video.