Blake Griffin gets Vizio Tablet before you can, proves famous people get special treatment (updated)

Being Blake Griffin has its perks -- he's NBA Rookie of the Year and a millionaire, plus he's got the adoration of millions and the ability to posterize fools with prodigious power dunks. He also got the Vizio tablet before it goes on sale to the general public, and posted a video showing off his new VIA Plus-equipped slate. We're glad that Blake Superior's enjoying the tablet's portrait and landscape stereo speakers and its universal remote function... really, we are. But, we'd rather be watching him catch alley-oops and throw down windmills on a tablet of our very own -- c'mon Vizio, quit playing favorites.

[Thanks, Ben]

Update: Looks like you'll be able to join Blake on the Vizio bandwagon soon, as the folks at This is my next got a pic showing that Walmart's already putting the tablet's $349 price tag on store shelves.