LG trots out ultraslim Nano Full LED TVs, polarized Cinema 3D sets

The never-ending battle between active and polarizing 3D alternatives still isn't anywhere near its impossible-to-determine finale, but it's pretty clear that LG's intent on supporting the latter. Those who aren't fazed by losing resolution so long as batteries aren't required in their 3D glasses should be elated to hear of the outfit's latest Cinema 3D sets, with the 32-inch 32LW5700, 42-inch 42LW5700 and 47-inch 47LW5700 pushing three-dee down to smaller scale displays. We've never been particularly fond of the 3D effect on bedroom-sized panels, but those looking for something a bit less gargantuan may beg to differ. The trio will support USB HDD recording, an integrated tuner, and of course, the inclusion of an IPS panel should make both 2D and 3D images alike look downright ravishing. Those fine to settle for the way we've always watched TV can opt for the 2D-only 47LZ9600 (47-inch) / 55LZ9600 (55-inch), both clocking in at 8.8mm thick and offering a native 1080p resolution, a built-in TV tuner and support for USB recording. The whole lot is expected to hit Japan later this month, with other dignified nations to surely follow suit shortly.