Caption Contest: iPad hat is so last season

Fashion genius or major faux pas? Obviously the latter. Really, who would be seen in public wearing last year's iPad on their head? This woman, apparently, who donned a particularly feathery contraption before heading to the Royal Ascot horse race, where one's social status is dictated largely by the caliber of their hat. We have it on good authority that the Galaxy Tab 8.9 will be the hot ticket next season.

Terrence: "Hey, my eyes are down here, buddy."
Brad: "You can look, but you can't multitouch."
Zach H.: "I can't believe you gave me a frozen iPad. You think it'll thaw after an hour or two in the sun?"
Brian: "I know I had it with me when I left for work this morning..."
Michael: "I went to Cupertino and all I got was this lousy hat!"
Zach L.: "This is sooo the last time I let Jonathan Ive design my wardrobe."
Christopher: "iPad-toting parrots reportedly dive-bombed attendees of the 2011 Royal Ascot."
Tim: "Oh don't get so excited, it's just a big iPhone hat."
Richard Lai: "My husband insisted."
Joe P.: "iPad 2 shipping delays made for something rather old-hat."
Don: "I asked the stylist for something magical."
Darren: "Believe it or not, I didn't even have to jailbreak!"
Dana: "Sorry, dahling, but if you don't have an iPad hat, well, you don't have an iPad hat."

[Image credit: Getty Images]