Fujitsu releases F-022 flip phone for women who like to smell good

Because they're brutish and sweaty, most men don't have a problem with their phone's naturally metallic musk, but "20 to 40 year-old women with a well-developed sense of fashion" apparently do. That's why Fujitsu has announced the F-022 -- a glittery flip phone designed for females who demand slightly more from their handheld's olfactory offerings. Developed in collaboration with Japanese accessory maker Folli Follie, this bejeweled little bauble comes with a "detachable fragrance chip" that allows users to mark their tech territory with the perfume of their choice. Just spray the chip with a dab of your scent, latch it on to the phone, and every conversation you have will end up smelling like roses. The F-022 goes on sale in China on June 24th, but for more information, just follow your nose to the PR, after the break.

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Fujitsu and Folli Follie Collaborate to Launch Mobile Phone in the Chinese Market

The ever-sparkling Folli Follie-design fragrance and waterproof mobile phone

Shanghai, China and Tokyo, Japan, June 16, 2011 - Fujitsu today announced the development of its F-022 mobile phone for the Chinese market. The new mobile phone, a result of collaborative efforts undertaken together with jewellery, watches and accessories brand Folli Follie, is not only gorgeously designed but also capable of simplified Chinese character display and input. A hugely popular brand in Japan, Folli Follie also operates approximately 100 stores in China. Sales of the F-022 mobile phone will commence from June 24, 2011 at Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd., one of China's largest mobile phone chains with over 1,000 stores.

The softly illuminated front casing of the F-022 mobile phone is adorned with a glitter-motif design including a diamond-like jewel block of two-karat cubic zirconia. As another totally unique feature, users can enjoy a continuously fragrant mobile phone by spraying a perfume of their choice onto the detachable fragrance chip located on the mobile phone's reverse side. In addition, the F-022 is equipped with a high-performance, 8.1-megapixel camera that not only is up to digital camera level standards but also takes outstanding photos of people by enhancing the beauty of skin tones with its "beautiful skin" mode, together with enabling photos that highlight large, natural-looking eyes with a "pupil tracking" mode. This Fujitsu mobile phone goes even further, staying ahead of other manufacturers as it is equipped with a water-resistant (rated IPX5/7/8) and dust-resistant (rated IP5X) technology. Overall, a stunning design, a fragrance feature and ability to showcase a user's unique personality makes this phone a delight to keep close and carry.

Expected target users are 20 to 40 year-old women with a well-developed sense of fashion. The F-022 mobile phone will utilize circuits made available by China-based carriers China Mobile and China Unicom.