webOS Skype integration revealed in screenshots

Skype on Pre 3

We know you've all been losing sleep, wondering what exactly Skype integration on webOS will look like. Well, tonight, you should sleep like a baby, knowing you've gotten a solid peak at how the Pre 3 will handle the VoIP service. Similar to Google Voice on Android, you'll be able to either route all international calls through Skype or force is to ask every time you press that precious dial button. We also know that it will be able to handle video calls and, at least on the O2 network in Germany, both voice and video chat will be available over WiFi and 3G. You'll also be able to initiate sessions from either contacts or the messaging menu, so there's no need to fire up a separate app. Now, we just need HP to get this out the door and for Microsoft to work out those reliability kinks. Check out the source link for the full-sized images.