Hulu adheres to Apple's revised in-app subscription rules, others to fall in line?

A mere eleven days have passed since Apple relaxed its in-app subscription rules, and now All Things D has stumbled upon screenshots of the first major subscription program to comply. A forthcoming update to the Hulu Plus iOS app will nix all references that previously pointed towards Hulu's own website for signing up new users, allowing Hulu to skirt around implementing Apple's in-app subscription mechanism (and the thirty percent cut that goes along with it). That said, it'll also kill Hulu's opportunity to easily inform folks of where to pony up for Hulu Plus, but we suspect the added friction is worth losing a few eyes instead of buoying Cupertino's warchest. Seeing as there's under a fortnight until Apple's new rules come into effect, we certainly wouldn't recommend betting against a slew of similarly-positioned apps to follow suit.