Hulu rumored to be considering a sale after receiving an offer from... Yahoo?

This afternoon rumors rapidly spread that an unnamed company had offered to purchase Hulu from its media giant owners, and now the LA Times Company Town blog has fingered that entity as Yahoo. According to the initial Wall Street Journal report, the offer received was not solicited, but it has caused the board to consider soliciting offers from other companies. The last time CEO Jason Kilar checked in he was looking forward to breaking one million Hulu Plus subscribers, now we're wondering which giant may be first in line to snap the streaming site up and add its content licenses to their warchest. Whatever happens, the newly formed NBCUniversal conglomerate won't have a say in it after forfeiting its board seats to get the merger approved. Drop in your wildly speculative commentary below -- rumors including YouTube, iTunes, Xbox, or some insane Spotify rumor you just made up, we're willing to listen to them all.