BAPCo calls 'liar, liar' on AMD, Intel still its golden prince

Benchmarks can be a bit of a back and forth schoolyard screaming match -- there's plenty of yelling, but not always much brute force to back it up -- so let's take this case of 'he said / she said' with an even coarser grain of salt. BAPCo, a non-profit whose members include major tech industry heavyweights, slapped back at AMD today for publicly dissing the SYSmark 2012 benchmark it had an 80 percent hand in creating and for claming the group forced them out of the club. The chip maker had similar beef back in 2007 over Intel's benchmark-friendlier chips, and this appears to be the final straw that broke its GPU's back. On Monday, VIA and NVIDIA also joined the ranks of the recently defected, but refrained from any superfluous PR finger-wagging. Wherever the truth may lie, for sure someone's got a case of the green-eyed monster, and it's definitely not us. We're looking at you, AMD.

[Thanks, Muhammad; image courtesy BAPCo]