Cloud Engines updates Pogoplug's software-only version with OneView, enhanced iOS support

The smoke from Cloud Engines' Pogoplug Video recall (Pogo-un-plugged?) may still be settling, but on a better note, today the company has announced the first major update to its software-based version. To refresh your memory, it essentially turns any network-connected computer into a Pogoplug, allowing it to be accessed like a NAS drive (think iCloud, but with your drives). The new version's main advantage is OneView, which can display every connected computer's drives separately or compiled together sans duplicates -- iOS devices are also supported in this feature. You'll be pleased to know that the service is free, excluding video and off-LAN music streaming. Those features can be enabled by purchasing the premium version for a one-time fee of 29 bones, and unlike before, a single purchase will take care of your entire stable of devices. You'll find some screenshots of the software below, as well as a PR crash course in 'personal cloud management' just after the break. %Gallery-126839%

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Software-only Pogoplug™ Available For Download

Software streams photo, music and video libraries from any PC or Mac to other computers, gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

San Francisco, Calif. – June 22, 2011 – Cloud Engines, Inc., creators of the Pogoplug multi-media streaming device, released a new, software-only version of their cloud- based streaming service. The new software turns any PC or Mac into a "Personal Cloud," no additional hardware required. This new version allows users to stream their entire photo, music, and video libraries and makes that content accessible anywhere in the world. Files stored across multiple computers and hard drives can be connected to a single account to provide users one easy interface for streaming all of their files – called OneView™.

"Our software-only product is a very natural expansion of the Pogoplug streaming service that started with our hardware," said Daniel Putterman, CEO of Cloud Engines, Inc. "By offering solutions that can stream files from your PC, Mac, or external hard drives, we are creating a single access point for anyone who wants to be able to watch their movies, show off their pictures, and listen to their entire music library no matter where they are and no matter where those files are stored. There are no storage limits, no long upload times, and your files are secure at your home, office, or wherever you keep them – not stored with a 3rd party. No one else offers this kind of unified cloud streaming solution."

The software update includes a number of key features, including three new web apps under the banner of Pogoplug OneView™: • Jukebox: Sit back and listen to all of your music aggregated from all of your Pogoplug-enabled devices into a single, duplicate-free library
• Cinema: Stream movies for easy remote viewing on the web or your mobile device
• Gallery: See all your pictures in a unified timeline, organized using the files' original, rich metadata
• My Devices shows all of your Pogoplug devices and Pogoplug PCs and Macs, making it easy to find and share individual files
• Pogoplug software is available for free, allowing users to share and access files remotely and stream all of their photos to any mobile device, PC or Mac.
o Streaming music outside the home network or streaming movies anywhere requires Premium. $29 one-time fee, install on multiple computers.

The Pogoplug software maintains all of the great sharing and data access solutions provided by the original Pogoplug hardware. Users can still access and share files of any size or type from anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world. Pogoplug also released an update to their iPhone and iPad software to take advantage of the new OneView™ apps. With these updated apps, users never have to worry about syncing or storage limits and will always be able to listen to music, look at photos, and watch movies from their entire multimedia library right on their mobile device.

Pricing and Availability
The new Pogoplug software can be downloaded immediately for FREE at http:// The updated iOS apps are also free and available via the iTunes App Store.

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Pogoplug offers software and hardware solutions that are designed to let users easily stream and access all of their media and files from a single location without storing their data with a 3rd party service. Users can securely stream their media (photos, music, and videos) and access and share all of their important files from any Web browser, web- enabled mobile device, or iPhone/iPad (via Pogoplug iOS app) with no monthly fees or storage limits.

Cloud Engines™, Inc. was founded in 2007 with a mission to change the way personal content is stored and distributed over the Internet. In 2009, Cloud Engines introduced the concept of the "personal cloud" with the launch of its award-winning Pogoplug® device. Pogoplug software and hardware provide secure storage of digital media from the privacy of your home or office, enabling you to stream, share and access your content from any connected device.

Cloud Engines is led by experienced entrepreneurs from the digital media and security space and backed by Foundry Group, Softbank and Morgan Stanley. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, with a satellite office in Tel Aviv. For more information, please visit