Lenovo Ideapad Tablet K1 priced at $500 by Office Depot, inches closer to release

The Ideapad Tablet K1 is about as well known an unannounced product as there is right now, having been pictured and listed by a couple of online retailers and passed the requisite tests over at the FCC. What we weren't quite so sure about was its price, which a tipster now informs us is $499.99, and its launch date, which looks to be fast approaching. The Office Depot placard we've been forwarded promises 32GB of storage, Android 3.0 (with a "custom-built" interface on top), 1280 x 800 resolution on a 10.1-inch multitouch screen, a pair of cameras, up to 10 hours of battery life, a weight of 1.6lb (725g), and a thickness of just over half an inch (13.2mm). Not exactly an unorthodox list of specs, but more choice is rarely a bad thing.

[Thanks, GorillazKing]