Rep. Eshoo intros 4G disclosure act, hopes to turn consumers into techies

We're gonna shoot from the hip here -- wireless carriers have gotten a little out-of-hand with their 4G marketing. Even industry standard setter, the ITU, can't figure out a way to keep the story straight. This consumer disinformation loop is exactly what Rep. Anna Eshoo plans to undo with her "Next Generation Wireless Disclosure Act." Like its title says, the bill would force carriers to be absolutely, unfalteringly crystal clear on minimum data speeds, network reliability, accessible coverage maps, and, of course, the technology being used. Think the T-Mobile girl can handle that in thirty seconds? We didn't think so, either. Retailers tried a similar consumer hand-holding effort during the DTV transition, although that came without a regulatory shove. Hit the source for legalese in all its undisturbed glory, and while you wait for Uncle Sam to act, you can clear up any lingering confusion by diving into our primer.

[Image credit via Going WiMax]