Westinghouse first 3D HDTV hands-on (video)

It's official: everyone has a 3D HDTV. No, not every consumer -- not even close -- but with Westinghouse's official entry into the 3D market earlier this week, nearly every television manufacturer, both large and small, has brought at least one 3D product to market. We took a look at the 47-inch Westinghouse W47S2TCD at the CEA LineShows in NYC today, and were actually somewhat impressed with its performance, especially from a distance of more than six feet. Passive displays still don't offer the same level of quality as 3D sets that use active glasses, but they're often more affordable, and adequate for most consumers. Our biggest issue with this display is with backlight bleed just above the Westinghouse logo, which is especially noticeable with darker content or when navigating through system menus.

The TV carries a MSRP of $1,200, but Westinghouse says to expect a street price of "well below" $1,000, which should help it compete with other budget sets. It uses passive technology and ships with four pairs of glasses, though the manufacturer claims that you should be able to use other polarized glasses, including those RealD specs you'll forget to return after dropping $19 on your next 3D IMAX movie. Jump past the break for a hands-on video from the show floor.%Gallery-126917%