SDK takes swipe at competition with camera-enabled mobile payments (video)

Sponsored Links SDK takes swipe at competition with camera-enabled mobile payments (video)
In an attempt to edge its way into the crowded mobile payments market, a new credit card scanning system is saying "ah, hell no!" to typing and swiping. is billed as an SDK that takes advantage of smartphone cameras to let devs accept credit, because, as its creators point out, "typing on mobile phones is slow, and most consumers don't have a separate hardware attachment." When it's time to pull out the plastic, gets your phone's camera going, and up pops a little green rectangle, in which you frame your card and snap a pic. Your credit card info is then processed by a third-party merchant, and the details are subsequently deleted from your phone. Can you hear that? That's the sound of our chubby thumbs breathing a sigh of relief. The SDK for iOS is now available at the source link below, and an Android version should be close behind. For now, hop on past the break for a video demo.

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