OnLive and Juniper team up on cloud-based services for enterprise

OnLive's MicroConsole may not have exactly taken the video game market by storm just yet, but it looks like the company isn't about to wait any longer to expand its cloud-based empire. Today it announced that it's partnering with Juniper Networks on what it's describing as a "no-compromise, media-rich, enterprise experience." While it's still apparently in the early stages, that solution will combine OnLive's own instant response video compression technology with Juniper Networks' Junos Pulse client, which together promise to make remotely-accessed desktops and applications "indistinguishable from a local one," regardless of the device you're accessing it on (including tablets and OnLive-enabled TVs). Unfortunately, anything much more specific than that -- including any indication of an actual rollout -- remains a bit light for the time being, but the two companies have already demoed the system at the NExTWORK Conference in New York City today, so it certainly seems like it might not be too far off.

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OnLive's Lag-Free Cloud Computing Technology Leapfrogs Current Remote App Solutions;

Juniper's Networking Infrastructure Enables Unprecedented Cloud Performance

SUNNYVALE & PALO ALTO, Calif. – June 22, 2011 – Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) and OnLive, Inc., the pioneer of on-demand, instant-play video games and applications, today announced they are entering into a strategic partnership under which Juniper will be the exclusive networking provider for OnLive's network infrastructure. Additionally, the two companies plan to jointly develop cloud-based services for the enterprise that will deliver a media-rich, interactive experience to mobile, desktop and presentation devices - instantly, simply and securely from any location.

Powered by Juniper Networks, OnLive would provide consumers and enterprise customers with unmatched performance, security, reliability and true flexibility across both physical and virtual environments. Using OnLive's instant response video compression technology and Juniper Networks® Junos® Pulse client, the experience of remotely-accessed desktops and applications -whether on a PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablet or OnLive-enabled TV or monitor-would be indistinguishable from a local one.

By moving computing functions to the network, OnLive is defining the next generation of cloud computing. OnLive's cloud-based video compression technology has revolutionized the way video games are played, both in the home and on mobile devices, as a user's computer or device becomes nothing more than a means for display and input. By applying this same technology to the enterprise, even media-rich content and bandwidth-intensive applications can be delivered instantly, simply and securely to mobile desktops and devices via the cloud. With an end-to-end infrastructure powered by Juniper Networks, OnLive's new network would not only change the way OnLive's entertainment applications are created, delivered and consumed, but enable the security and robustness required for enterprise applications.

"OnLive's cloud gaming technology places unprecedented demands on network infrastructure, and Juniper is the only network provider that is able to meet these requirements." said Steve Perlman, president and CEO of OnLive. "Juniper's state-of-the-art performance and security also makes them the ideal partner as OnLive extends the same no-compromise cloud hosting technology to enterprise applications, leapfrogging the entire desktop virtualization industry. A remote desktop experience would be the same as a local desktop experience on any connected device, regardless of the application or content, so users could enjoy all the benefits of desktop virtualization without any of the hassles."

"Online gaming is among the most intensive applications in the world where users expect precision and immediate response. It requires a powerful and highly reliable network that doesn't compromise user experience," said Kevin Johnson, CEO of Juniper Networks. "OnLive and Juniper share a commitment to delivering innovative, ground-breaking technologies, and we are excited to partner together to push the boundaries of cloud computing and redefine how rich interactive media are delivered."

Today, OnLive already has an integrated network with Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches, MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers and SRX Series Services Gateways that ensure consistency, high performance, reliability and security at scale. To meet the growing demands of its cloud-based infrastructure, OnLive will also deploy:

· Juniper Networks QFabric™ Solution - As OnLive's exclusive data center fabric provider, Juniper will provide OnLive with a superior approach to building and securing its virtualized data centers in California, Texas and Virginia, and enable exponential improvements in data center speed, scale and efficiency.

· Junos Pulse - A simple-to-use, comprehensive solution comprised of secure remote access for mobile devices, mobile device security, and comprehensive device policy enforcement and management, Junos Pulse would enable users of all mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and netbooks, to securely access OnLive cloud-based applications.

Through this strategic partnership, Juniper Networks is entering into an agreement with OnLive to jointly collaborate on creating additional value-added services and feature-rich applications using Junos Pulse. As OnLive looks beyond gaming and expands into new markets and platforms, such as enterprise systems, Juniper Networks will provide OnLive with a new network that will transform the economics and experience of networking for its customers.

The OnLive Game Service delivers users the latest high-performance, top-tier games instantly to almost any device, eliminating the need for expensive local consoles or high-end PCs. In addition to availability on almost all PCs and Macs, through partnerships with VIZIO, HTC and others, OnLive expects to be available by the end of 2011 on 25 million Internet TVs, 50 million Blu-ray players and 25 million tablets in the US and the UK. In 2012, OnLive expects to be available on most devices that support video streaming services such as Netflix, making console-class gaming as accessible as movies are today. Juniper's network infrastructure will enable OnLive to scale to this degree of ubiquity while maintaining the absolutely no-compromise performance that video games demand.

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