Tesla Roadster nears the end of its production run, company switches focus to Model S

Well, we knew this day had to come eventually: various sources are reporting that Tesla Motors has announced that production of its Roadster will soon be drawing to a close, a scant three years (and a few months) after initially launching. "I think there's a handful of cars left to sell in the US," said CEO Elon Musk. "People in Europe and Japan probably have another six months [while in] the US, it's maybe a month or two." We always thought that the company's approach was pretty gutsy, and maybe that's exactly what the automotive world needed -- a long-range (if expensive) ride that screamed: "this ain't your parents' EV." (Cue guitar solo.) For the time being, the company will be switching its focus to the more subdued Model S sedan, although we won't be surprised if we see more badass vehicles from these guys in the future. We aren't sure it'll help with the tears, but our Roadster Sport 2.5 test drive will (thankfully) live on forever.