China Mobile hints at iPhones in September

Reuters is relaying a report from the Shanghai Daily newspaper that China Mobile will begin offering a 4G version of the iPhone come September. The paper quotes a microblog post by Liu Yang, China Mobile's marketing official, in which Yang wrote:

A new iPhone with China Mobile's network will debut and the cooperation will be announced in September.

It's not clear why the Shanghai Daily believes the iPhone will support 4G, though they could just be reporting on last month's rumors that Apple and China Mobile had reached a consensus on a 4G iPhone. Also lending credence to the report is the fact that Tim Cook was spotted at China Mobile's headquarters just two days ago. China Mobile is the largest mobile phone operator in the world, with over 600 million subscribers, so bringing any iPhone, whether its of the 3G or 4G variety, to the carrier is seen as an important step for Apple's growth in the Asian market