Mountkestrel DuoPod turns your shaky shoulders into a DSLR steadicam (video)

So you've got an expensive new DSLR that can shoot video, and you've seen all of the press about people using the things to make movies and music videos. But really, you're not going to become a DIY Kubrick without the proper accessories. The Mountkestrel DuoPod is a pretty solid looking option if you're looking to do the steadicam thing with your DSLR, slipping over your shoulders for on-the-go shots. It's a little unwieldy compared to a lot of consumer camera stands, but that's pretty par for the course for these sorts of rigs. As its name suggests, the DuoPod also doubles as a two-legged stand for those times when your shoulders need a break. Check out a fittingly shaky video of the stand in action after the jump.