OnLive Viewer hits HTC Flyer, ripped and posted for other Android gaming voyeurs (video)

Those of you toting around an HTC Flyer probably just got an update that loaded OnLive Viewer on your 7-inch tablet. Don't get too excited though, the name of the app says it all -- this is a viewer not a player. So, if you've got a voyeuristic streak, you can watch others shoot their way through F.E.A.R. 3, but you won't slowing down time yourself. If that sounds like a blast but you don't have a Flyer, fear not, the folks at the XDA forums were kind enough to rip the APK and post it for all the world to enjoy. We successfully tested it on a Droid X, and reports are that it's up and running on the EVO 4G, Desire HD, and even a hacked Nook Color. Once installed you'll just need a WiFi connection (the app kicks you back to the homescreen on 3G) and low expectations -- the video quality was less than impressive. Hit up the source link to download it for yourself, and check out the video our tipster sent us after the break.

[Thanks, Phil]