OnLive Viewer hits HTC Flyer, ripped and posted for other Android gaming voyeurs (video)

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OnLive Viewer Droid X
Those of you toting around an HTC Flyer probably just got an update that loaded OnLive Viewer on your 7-inch tablet. Don't get too excited though, the name of the app says it all -- this is a viewer not a player. So, if you've got a voyeuristic streak, you can watch others shoot their way through F.E.A.R. 3, but you won't slowing down time yourself. If that sounds like a blast but you don't have a Flyer, fear not, the folks at the XDA forums were kind enough to rip the APK and post it for all the world to enjoy. We successfully tested it on a Droid X, and reports are that it's up and running on the EVO 4G, Desire HD, and even a hacked Nook Color. Once installed you'll just need a WiFi connection (the app kicks you back to the homescreen on 3G) and low expectations -- the video quality was less than impressive. Hit up the source link to download it for yourself, and check out the video our tipster sent us after the break.

[Thanks, Phil]

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