Congolese VMK Gingerbread tablet eager to show its face, shipping in September

This is the upcoming tablet from Congolese company VMK -- or, rather, this is the back of the upcoming tablet. We received a note from the company's CEO explaining that, while the Gingerbread slate is making its internet debut, the front isn't quite ready for public consumption, seeing as how the company is a bit worried about getting poached by copycats as it attempts to register a few trademarks. The Android 2.3.3 tablet is apparently ramping up for a September release in its native Africa, though the company is still looking for more funding, seeing as how difficult it can be to launch a CE product in that part of the world. The device is targeted toward developing nations, and will likely have a price to match, for now, feel free to get acquainted with its rear in the gallery below.