Star Wars Operation lets you get to the bottom of the R2-D2 booster rocket debate

Let's face it kids, you weren't going to be a doctor. Time to give up on that dream. But what about the equally exciting and significantly less bloody world of droid repair? We all know that robots will soon have a major presence in our society, piloting our spaceships and mingling with our Wokiees (good luck getting into our cantinas, though), so it's probably best to get a jump on these job skills at an early age. With future job markets in mind (ones oddly similar to those experienced a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away), Hasbro is launching a new edition of the popular board game Operation, swapping out the red-nosed Cavity Sam for everyone's favorite rolling trashcan, R2-D2. The game can be pre-ordered now for $27, and it'll start shipping in September, so if you need an early-autumn kid birthday gift for under $30, this may be just the droid you're looking for.