Google starts highlighting content creators, will never forget that music blog you had in college

Google has a lot of pictures of people. Google also indexes a lot of content written by people. Ponder those two facts for just a moment and you'll come upon the search giant's Next Big Thing: highlighting authorship. Now, with a little markup magic, Google can not only track you but track what you wrote online, tying it all together so that search results written by you pop up with a picture of you, linked back to your Google Profile. It's a great way to highlight who's up to what online but, if you're not into it, opting out is as easy as doing nothing. Don't add that markup and you're free to keep musing about Muse to your heart's content without those words ever corrupting future vanity searches. Right now the program is rolling out to a select few in a pilot program, but look for it to embrace more personalities in the coming months.