Porsche ACC InnoDrive handles all the pedals, takes the lead out of your foot

When we took a deeper look into the technology that makes a Porsche a Porsche, we experienced neck-snapping acceleration and yawn-inducing traction control, but never did we get the feeling that the car was actually driving itself. That could change soon, Autoblog catching the keys to a Porsche Panamera S test mule outfitted with something called ACC InnoDrive. ACC stands for Adaptive Cruise Control, while InnoDrive stands for (wait for it) Innovative Drive. It's basically cruise control with a brain, having a fully mapped-out route and knowing not only the severity of upcoming turns but also elevation changes and posted speed limits. In other words: it figures out how fast it should be going and even stops when it should, letting you go the entire distance without having to apply loafer to pedal -- assuming no intersections. Porsche isn't saying when we might see this technology coming to a dearly expensive options package near you, but assures us its cars never completely drive themselves: "We will not touch the steering, trust us. That hands-on aspect is key to the Porsche experience."