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Porsche ACC InnoDrive handles all the pedals, takes the lead out of your foot

Porsche ACC InnoDrive handles all the pedals, takes the lead out of your foot
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens|June 29, 2011 8:59 AM
When we took a deeper look into the technology that makes a Porsche a Porsche, we experienced neck-snapping acceleration and yawn-inducing traction control, but never did we get the feeling that the car was actually driving itself. That could change soon, Autoblog catching the keys to a Porsche Panamera S test mule outfitted with something called ACC InnoDrive. ACC stands for Adaptive Cruise Control, while InnoDrive stands for (wait for it) Innovative Drive. It's basically cruise control with a brain, having a fully mapped-out route and knowing not only the severity of upcoming turns but also elevation changes and posted speed limits. In other words: it figures out how fast it should be going and even stops when it should, letting you go the entire distance without having to apply loafer to pedal -- assuming no intersections. Porsche isn't saying when we might see this technology coming to a dearly expensive options package near you, but assures us its cars never completely drive themselves: "We will not touch the steering, trust us. That hands-on aspect is key to the Porsche experience."
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