1996 Corvette converted into a 2011 electric odyssey (video)

A supercharged Chevrolet Corvette may have been all the hotness back in 1996, but times and tastes change and now people are all about the electric boogaloo. Today we get to witness one modern man's transition into this brave new world, a Wayne Bickley from California, who has gutted his crow-black '96 Corvette and replaced the messy internal combustion setup with a set of 18 XS Power XP1000 batteries, a DC electric motor, and his own clutchless six-speed transmission. The end result doesn't really look much different, but its 20-mile "spirited driving" range and 85mph top speed will surely feel different and it does also sound very much like something from the future. Check out this modernized Chevy on video after the break.