Sharp sends another Galapagos tablet through the FCC, keeps all the pertinent details to itself

Over the past six months, we've gotten scant few details about when, exactly, Sharp's Galapagos tablets will at last make the long trip stateside. When they do, though, it might be an even bigger family than we were expecting. We took note when the 10.8-inch EB-WX1GJ slipped through the FCC, making reference to another slate -- the 5.5-inch EB-W51GJ -- in its user manual. Now, yet another slate has passed the FCC's battery of tests. It's called the EB-W71LJ-H, and based on Sharp's naming convention thus far, we suspect it could have a 7-inch display, which would be a nice, just-right complement to the 10- and 5-inch models we already knew about. Based on the test results, we also know it has a 802.11b/g/n WiFi radio, but other than that, the report is devoid of specs, as Sharp asked the FCC to refrain from playing show-and-tell with its trade secrets. For now, though, you at least don't have to wonder where the company plans to slap that requisite label.