TUAW's Daily Mac App: Music Commander

Music Commander for Mac

Controlling iTunes with the keyboard is easy enough, but what if you want a little more information without having to resort to the full iTunes window? Music Commander is here to help.

Sitting in the menu bar, Music Commander allows you to control iTunes with an extensive drop-down menu. You've got the usual play controls for quick access with your mouse, but you've also got some of iTunes more advanced music controls.

You can rate the current song, switch shuffle and repeat on and off, as well as change the current playlist. Volume control is right there too, as well as the album art and metadata of the current track including album, artist and song name.

If you want to get a bit social with your iTunes listening experience (no I'm not talking about Ping), Music Commander has Twitter, Facebook and built in, letting you tweet, post or scrobble the current song. When you've had enough you can even quit iTunes right from Music Commander.

If you've been looking for a decent iTunes controller for your menu bar, Music Commander might just be the ticket. While you can accomplish quite a lot of the functionality using Apple keyboard media controls and Growl, Music Commander puts it all there, in one nice and tidy package.

Music Commander is available for US$0.99 from the Mac App Store.