Leaked iPad 2 jailbreak available now? (updated: better wait)

Can't say it happened at Mach 3, but the iPad 2 jailbreak that we saw teased back in mid-March seems to have made its way out into the wild at long last. According to the video hosted up just past the break, JailbreakMe 3.0 is now available with support for the iPad 2. It's bruited that the version making its way around now was leaked by a beta tester (read: it ain't the final build), and we're seeing mixed success / failure stories in the related YouTube comments. We'd encourage the daring to tap the links below in order to get started, and if you do, let us know how it all works out below. Per usual, you'd be doing yourself a solid by fully syncing and backing things up before diving off the deep end.

Update: This is working only for iOS 4.3, so if you've updated, you're sadly out of luck.

Update 2: We've received multiple reports that this particular jailbreak is available for iOS 4.3.0, only. It looks like users rocking 4.3.3 will just have to wait.

Update 3: We've received notice that this version is actually a pre-release of the upcoming jailbreak that is not finished, not intended for public consumption, and apparently leaked by a beta tester. For this reason we're pulling the video embed because we wouldn't recommend using it -- especially given the final version is probably not far off.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]