Galaxy Tab 10.1 update coming soon, ushers TouchWiz into the Honeycomb era

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Update

That "future software upgrade" Samsung promised us for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is "coming soon" according to the company's site, though, when exactly "soon" might be is anyone's guess. When it does start trickling its way on to Sammy's slate, it'll be bringing with it a host of new features, including that Honeycomb edition of TouchWiz that's sure to be just as divisive as its smartphone ancestor. It does, however, pack in some nice functionality, like a multimedia clipboard for copying and pasting pictures and videos as well as text, and a Live Panel widget for pulling in news, weather, and updates from your social networks. Other features that you're used to on Samsung devices are also coming along for the ride, including the Media Hub for purchasing videos and the latest, intense version of Swype. There's also a remote tracking and wipe function for those who have a tendency to leave their gadgets behind at Starbucks, and it unlocks USB, SD card, and HDMI functionality -- with the appropriate accessories of course. Check out the source link for a few more details.