AT&T to offer standard insurance for iPhone owners starting July 17th

Brad Molen
B. Molen|07.04.11

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AT&T to offer standard insurance for iPhone owners starting July 17th
If you have an AT&T iPhone in your possession, there's a good chance you've quickly glanced at available insurance options and noticed they're... well, a tad on the spendy side. Big Blue's only solution requires a $12 monthly asking price -- considering that's before the deductible gets factored in, we just can't imagine it selling like hotcakes. The tides appear to be turning, however; according to AT&T's official site, iPhones will be eligible for Asurion Mobile Insurance plans on July 17th. With these new plans, the monthly cost will plummet to a much more reasonable $5, placing it lower than Verizon's version. We're still awaiting word on the deductible, though other smartphones on the same protection plan require a $125 replacement charge. Here's the drawback: it's only available for the first 30 days after the device is purchased, which means anyone who procured an iPhone before mid-June will want to keep those cases and screen protectors glued on tight. There's also no intimate details on what kind of damage is covered -- good thing these things are so difficult to destroy, eh?
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