Hard Candy Street Skin for iPad 2 covers all corners

Hard Candy cases, known for their sex-sells approach (just take a look at their site), has brought their Street Skin line to the iPad 2. Designed as thin yet rugged cases for Apple's iDevices, the Street Skin cases are made of TPU and feature a tire-like design with a raised grip pattern across the surface.

The Street Skin for the iPad 2 is no exception, covering the iPad in a semi-flexible rubber that's about 3 mm thick. The case wraps tightly around the back and sides of the iPad with a lip covering the front edge of the screen making sure that all the corners and edges are covered nicely. There are good-sized cutouts for the buttons, mic, ports, speaker and camera meaning you're not losing any functionality with the case on.

What makes the Street Skin standout is the hinged front cover design. The front flap fits into the front lip of the case on the screen, ensuring the entire glass front of the iPad 2 is covered save for two small holes where the front lip of the case is shaped to allow access to the Home buttons and the ambient light sensor.

Street Skin for iPad latch

When not in use the front flap is secured by two clasps at the top and bottom right corners of the cover. Once you need access to that gorgeous screen you unhook the clasps and fold the cover back around the rear of the iPad, moving the hinge all the way to the rear of the iPad and allowing the flap to be secured across the back using the same corner clasps. Once in place the flap is properly secured out the way, allowing you to get on with your business without having to worry about it.

It's a simple yet very effective design. I have doubts as to how long the clasps will last as the corner straps on the front flap are pretty thin, but after a decent period of rigorous testing there doesn't seem to be any wear and tear to them.



The Street Skin for the iPad 2 is a solid case offering. It covers the important parts, leaves access where needed and covers the screen well with it's front flap that gets out of your way when the iPad is in use. The tire-like styling may not be to everyone's taste however, and I doubt the case will do much if you dropped the iPad 2 from any great height save for preventing scratches. I've also noticed that the reverse of the front flap, the bit that touches your screen, is prone to picking up dirt, dust and fingerprints and helpfully transferring them to your screen when you close the case. If kept clean with a cloth, everything is well however.

If you want fairly decent protection without adding too much bulk, then the Street Skin for iPad 2 delivers for around $39.95 plus shipping. It's available in black, white and pink, with the white one we had in for testing looking a lot like the classic Storm Trooper armor.