Sprint updates Samsung Galaxy Tab to Gingerbread, gets over post-holiday blues

Samsung Galaxy Tab owners in the US have been anxiously waiting for their prized possession to get an update to Honeycomb and its tablet-optimized wonders, only to be warmly greeted by crickets for months. Fortunately, as we reported last week, Sprint's taken the first step in the right direction by bumping its Tab up to Gingerbread and throwing in a few standard maintenance fixes at the same time. The new build, also known as "GINGERBREAD.EF17," will be sent out OTA in stages; the deed should be done for every Tab on the Now Network over the next four days. To see if your tablet is ready to get its refresh on, go into settings, choose "About My Galaxy Tab," and select "system updates." Be sure to set aside five minutes for Gingerbread to download and install on your device, and you'll be good to go. It's no Android 3.1, of course, but at least Sprint's one step ahead of the pack.