VEA's Sportive mobile watch is for those with money, calories to burn

When you go for a run, the less you've got to carry on your person, the better. Think of VEA's new Sportive mobile watch as something of a digital fannypack: it looks goofy, but it'll help you consolidate some of that extra baggage. The device has some basic phone functionality, a camera, and an MP3 player -- oh, and it apparently does the time as well. It's got a nano-sized 1.5-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, 8GB of storage, and an SOS button that sends out your location and other vital info, should anything happen to you on your run. It'll start shipping on July 14th for €399 ($578). Run, don't walk, because the price bumps up to an even more lofty €499 ($722) in September.