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Apple's request for preliminary injunction denied, Amazon's Appstore needs no alias

Remember when Apple sued Amazon, claiming the online retailer was infringing its "App Store" trademark? To stop Bezos and his boys from using the "Appstore" moniker for their Amazonian Android Market, Apple filed for a preliminary injunction last month, and today the judge denied that request. Despite the Cupertino company's claims of consumer confusion and brand dilution, the court found in Amazon's favor -- in part because the term "app store" is descriptive and is used by plenty of mobile software purveyors. Of course, this doesn't end the legal shenanigans between these two tech titans, but it does mean that Amazon's Appstore can keep its incredibly original name... for now. Want the full breakdown why Apple got a judicial stiff arm? Dig into a copy of the order denying its motion in the source link below.