Facebook Vibes outed in video calling code, related music service seems a lock

You never really know what you're onto until you look, but who knew "looking" involved "digging through source code?" Software guru Jeff Rose had his curiosity piqued yesterday with the proper launch of Facebook Video Calling, and rather than just being satisfied with things working, he took it upon himself to see how exactly things were coming together under the hood. Turns out, the program grabs a startlingly small download link called FacebookVideoCalling.jar, which in turn uses LiveConnect to allow the Java applet to fetch a few other things. This enables the program to source your Facebook user ID (as well as an application ID), and from there, the installer has permission to use two things: a video chat plugin called "peep," and something else dubbed "vibes." Curiously enough, only one of those two were launched to the world, so logical skeptics are obviously opining that Facebook has a connected music service up its sleeve. 'Course, there's no indication that said service will actually use the Vibes moniker, but we could definitely ponder worse titles. So, Mark -- three months from now, another impromptu press event, announcing something even more awesome? We're so there.

[Thanks, Raheem]