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Motorola's LTE-infused Xoom 2 tablet caught skipping through the FCC?

There's nothing but a photo, a few dimensions and confirmation that LTE / CDMA radios are onboard, but it's sure looking like the device linked down in the source is Motorola's elusive followup to the Xoom. For those camped out under a boulder the past day or so, the Xoom recently saw a permanent $100 price drop for the WiFi-only model, and eagle-eyed observers may recall a brief glimpse of what appeared to be an unannounced Verizon Wireless slate a few weeks back. Of course, having a storyline that fits is only half the battle, but with the IHDP56LU2 measuring 259mm long and 166mm wide, it's getting harder and harder to reject any lingering thoughts that the Xoom 2 may indeed be on its way. For the curious, those dimensions are ever-so-slightly more compact than the existing Xoom, and it's not just anything that gets hooked up with radios to support both of VZW's native networks. So, what say you? Is the Xoom 2 really getting ready to bust your summer wide open? Or are we looking at the world's largest LTE smartphone?