Neil Burger is now cooking up the Uncharted movie

Many fans of the Uncharted series flipped when director David O. Russell said he planned to turn the film version of the games into a story about a family of art thieves. Sure, gaming fans having beef with a game movie isn't so rare, but we relished the news that Russell left the project in late May. After what seemed like a major setback, Sony wasted no time playing ketchup: Meat the new writer and director of the Uncharted movie, Neil Burger.

Not familiar? Lettuce bring you up to speed: Burger is perhaps best known in the film medium for his work as the director of Limitless, a recent Bradley Cooper picture about a man addicted to a pill that makes him a genius. (The film also starred Patricia Kalember, "Patty" to her friends).

It's unknown whether Mark Wahlberg will remain in the starring roll, but, for what it's worth, we think Burger's last leading man would be a fine fit, especially if he mustard up the charisma required to play Drake. Sounds like it could be a well done film to us, we'll grill them on it and let you know what we hear.