Rogers' first LTE network is live in Ottawa, aims to become fastest in North America

Good news for those of you waiting for Rogers' first LTE network launch in Ottawa, Canada: it happened. Ottawa's LTE debut now puts Rogers firmly at the top of the heap amongst its chief rivals Bell and Telus -- at least where speed is concerned. To start, the only device on offer is the Sierra Wireless AirCard 313U, which retails at $79.99 on a three-year deal or $169.99 completely off-contract. As you're likely aware, LTE is all about the speed, and with that speed comes the potential for cost as this network will see you burning through a gigabyte of data in mere minutes. To help balance that out, Rogers has also introduced a new tiered LTE Flex Rate Plan with prices starting at $45 for 1.5GB to $90 for 9GB -- with every GB thereafter deftly removing another $10 from your billfold. To help the addiction really settle in, the carrier has wisely made the first two months of service free with overage costs also getting the boot. Of course, this all sounds like a recipe for a challenge, so we've arranged to get our hands on one these devices for some first impressions on speed and quality and then begin a two month odyssey of its LTE network -- and fair use policy -- abuse.