Samsung Series 3 and new Series 9 available for pre-order at J&R

We haven't even seen an official announcement yet regarding Samsung's Series 3 laptops and, already, one has popped up for pre-order at J&R. When we manhandled the 12.1-inch model at Digital Experience we were pretty impressed by the build quality, light weight, and the promise of a low price. Well, this wallet-friendly ultraportable is officially pegged at $750 with a reasonably powerful 2.3GHz Core i5, 4GB of RAM, and 500GB hard drive inside. The downtown Manhattan staple also happens to have one of those 11.6-inch Series 9s listed for $999. Sure, it only packs a 1.3GHz Core i3 and 2GB of RAM, but the 64GB SSD should compensate for some of its performance shortcomings. Besides, the price premium almost seems worth it when you feel the sub 2.4-pound weight and Duralumin body. The Series 9 should still be shipping in August, and we imagine the Series 3 will launch around the same time -- right on schedule to catch the back to school scramble. More specs and the all important pre-order buttons can be found at the source links.

[Thanks, Jaydee]