Dell Peju tablet leaked, docking station and all (video)

Well, well -- what have we here? If you'll recall, we heard that Dell was scheming to one-up its own Streak line with a so-called Peju introduction sometime in 2011. Looks like we're drawing ever closer. Dell Peju Insider unsurprisingly has a boatload of internal documents showcasing the newfangled device, and if the specifications actually stick, we're looking at quite the performer. It'll purportedly ship with a 10.1-inch panel, front and rear-facing cameras, a slab of Gorilla Glass across the front and a homegrown docking station that provides a trio of USB ports, a gigabit Ethernet jack, HDMI output and audio port. We aren't so certain it'll ship with a Core i5 and Windows 8 compatibility, but those who'd rather throw caution to the wind can dive in just after the break.