Planet Earth Special Edition Blu-ray arrives October 4th

Warner has officially revealed the launch date and pricing for refreshed editions of the epic Planet Earth series on Blu-ray and DVD. There are two versions planned, the Limited Collector's Edition pictured above with the globe packaging, and a Special Edition in more every day trim. The MSRP for the LCE is $99 and the Special Edition runs $79 when both arrive October 4th, check out the official list of extras after the break.

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Synopsis: The new, 6-disc Planet Earth Special Edition is also available in this special, limited, numbered collector's edition globe package! All six discs, plus a set of 4 exclusive art cards featuring some of the most stunning images from the series are housed in a sturdy, weighted globe, numbered for greater collectability. Available with both the DVD and Blu-ray. Planet Earth took the world by storm when it originally aired. It garnered uniformly glowing reviews, won four Emmy Awards, including Best Nonfiction Series and Best Cinematography, and its longevity on the best-seller list is legend. Now, with the addition of all new commentary and new bonus programs, and this totally unique collectible package, you can relive this incredible experience all over again! In this truly special, limited collector's edition, prepare to be overwhelmed again by the beauty and majesty of Planet Earth.

Special Version: Special Edition
Rating: NR
Product Type: Sell Through
Media Quantity: 6
Disc Configuration: BD – 50
Packaging Type: Gift Box
Run Time: 550
Product Language: English
Original Soundtrack Language: English
Subtitles: English SDH
Aspect Ratio:
Sound Quality: Dolby Surround 5.1 - English
Special Features:
All New Special Features on both Blu-ray and DVD:
Commentary on select episodes
Great Planet Earth Moments – Relive the greatest moments of this revolutionary series and discover how these scenes were captured on
Snow Leopard: Beyond the Myth – The BBC Natural History Unit explores a secret cave deep in the mountains of Pakistan where
generations of snow leopards return each year to raise their young.
Secrets of the Maya Underworld – The freshwater pools that dot Mexico's Yucatan peninsula were believed by the Mayans to be portals
to the underworld. For the first time ever, the BBC Natural History Unit explores this incredible, labyrinthine system of
underground rivers.
Elephant Nomads of the Namib Desert – Follow the struggle for survival of two female elephants trying to raise their young in one of
the harshest climates on Earth.
"Music Only" viewing option
Special Sneak Peek at Executive Producer Alastair Fothergill's next blockbuster project: Frozen Planet (TBC)
Original DVD Special Features now also on Blu-ray:
110 minutes of behind the scenes footage – one 10-minute behind the scenes program for each episode
Planet Earth – The Future – This 3-part series looks at what the future may hold for endangered animals, habitats and – ultimately –
ourselves. Following the environmental issues raised by Planet Earth, it asks why so many species are threatened and how they can
be protected in future.