Time Warner Cable adds channels, blocks jailbreakers

Time Warner Cable has updated its popular TWCable TV iPad app to version 2.0. Among the new features are the ability to view up to seven days of program listings in the interactive program guide, expanded channel selection with over 100 total channels available, and a remote DVR manager. Interestingly, as noted by Engadget, Time Warner went to some lengths to stop people using the app on jailbroken iPads.

As you can see from the screenshot above, if your iPad is jailbroken and you launch the app you'll get the message "TWCable TV is not supported on 'jailbroken' devices." Users with jailbroken iPads are asked to restore their iPads to factory settings and then launch the app again. However the iPhoneDownload Blog has already figured out a bypass for running the new version of TWCable TV on jailbroken iPads.