Electronic Instant Camera at least gets the 'electronic' and 'camera' parts right (video)

It's hard to imagine in this era of instant electronic gratification, but patience used to be a virtue, and sitting still for three or so minutes while a magic box printed up an image of our likenesses probably didn't seem like all that much of a chore. Niklas Roy, who gave the world a set of robotic curtains last year, is offering up the arguably mistitled Electronic Instant Camera, a throwback to those days, requiring its subjects to sit still as it prints their black and white image onto receipt paper. Due to its paltry internal storage (1KB), the camera can only remember a single line at a time, dumping the previous as it captures the next. Perhaps you can use the time it takes to get through a shot for a little self-reflection -- or you can just watch a YouTube video, like the one after the break.