Apple enables 'Assistive Touch' features on iPad in latest iOS 5 beta

Apple has enabled a very cool feature for iPad users in the latest beta of iOS 5. "Assistive Touch" allows users to perform gestures and button actions on the iPad with one touch. Users can call up the Assistive Touch menu by tapping a designated corner of the iPad's screen. The menu itself is similar to the bezel overlay that appears when adjusting the iPad's volume.

As noted by MacRumors, the Assistive Touch menu "allows one-tap access to all of the iPad's functions including rotation, shaking, volume changes and even gestures. Known gestures such as pinch and swipe can be recalled by a tap, and custom gestures can even be recorded and played back on command."

Assistive Touch is primarily meant to help those who might have trouble using some of the gesture elements of the iPad's multitouch features, like the elderly. The feature's settings were present in earlier iOS 5 beta's but were not enabled until the release of iOS 5 beta 3 earlier today.