Archos sends the A70S2 tablet through the FCC, tells us nothing in the process

You'd think after unveiling a duo of Android 3.1 slates along with a bare-bones model Archos would have washed its hands of tablets for at least a couple months, right? Of course not -- the French company that just won't quit has sent yet another tab through the FCC, this one dubbed the A70S2. And that's about all the outfit let slip on the subject -- at least until August 19th when the confidentiality protection covering the tablet's juiciest details expires. The company wouldn't throw us a screen size, resolution, or even a confirmation that yes, this thing might well run Android like the bulk of Archos' other tablets. So if this game of "what the heck is this?" doesn't bear fruit, let's take the opportunity to have a (one-sided) heart-to-heart with our favorite French tablet maker. Archos, isn't it about time you added an easy-to-hold, 7-incher with Android 3.1, 250GB of storage, and HDMI-out to the mix? We think it'd fit in perfectly.